Visit South Africa and Learn Community Architecture

Photo Credit: Troy Homenchuk, Andrew Von Maur, Andrews University School of Architecture & Interior Design

Join other college students and learn a community-centered approach to impacting large communities by designing & building dignified and culturally-influenced homes for resilient families in South Africa.

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Understand the Power of
Architecture to Hurt or Heal

"We believe in using apartheid architecture to bring about change. If apartheid architecture could segregate and oppress, community-based design can liberate and enable opportunity, growth, and commerce"

Wandle Mthiyane

Photo Credit: Wandile Mthiyane

Discover the Power of Architecture

Be part of a community centered design-build program where your designs will directly impact local families and the community at large.

Photo Credit:  Troy Homenchuk, Andrew Von Maur

Foster Diversity & Inclusion

Learn first-hand about how communities are built in a locally calibrated architectural context through a diverse summer experience.

Photo Credit:  Troy Homenchuk, Andrew Von Maur

Develop Cultural Humility

Gain real-world experience through designing and building dignified and culturally influenced housing for resilient families.

Photo Credit: Wandile Mthiyane

Engage the Design Community

Work collaboratively with other students and young professionals as you form friendships and connections for an impactful career in architecture.

Photo Credit:  Troy Homenchuk, Andrew Von Maur

Summer with Impact

Connect with us as we use architecture to begin the process of healing communities.
You'll be part of a team designing & building dignified homes with a small commercial component for families in Durban, South Africa.
You'll see firsthand how your designs impact lives.

Program Cost Structure

2021 Will be Virtual

Are you a student who wants to receive college credit or an educator interested in offering this experience to your class?

Enjoy this program as an elective , individual study, service project for your institution, or even just for fun.

  • Location
    Live from Durban, South Africa
  • Dates
    January 7 - May 10, 2021
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Photo Credit:  Troy Homenchuk, Andrew Von Maur

Will You Join Us?

Build a relationship with a new community

"Designing a home and community in the countryside of South Africa was an experience unlike any other.
...I found people and communities I connected with..."

Edith Garcia
M.Arch 2017 Andrews University School of Architecture

"For me, this experience of familiarity was what enhanced the purpose-driven design - it felt like we were building for our family - the Mtshalis."

Robert Rivers
M.Arch 2017 Andrews University School of Architecture


Meet leaders in community building & design

Program Director
Founder, Ubuntu Design Group
Josh Sanabria
Design Facilitator
Director, Azaniya Urban Solutions
Josh Sanabria
Marketing Director
CEO, DesignClass
Josh Sanabria
Program Coordinator
Columbia GSAPP
Michael Nixon
Diversity & Inclusion Director
VP of Diversity & Inclusion, Andrews University
Josh Sanabria
Design Juror
Architect, Iyer Urban Design Studio